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Masque de protection à l'unité, lavable et réutilisable.

Le 12masque de protection est gratuit !

Créant une barrière physique, le masque DIV20 protège la personne qui le porte et les gens qu’elle côtoie de manière efficace. Composé d’élastomère et d’un média filtrant, ce masque est excessivement étanche tout en offrant une respirabilité élevée. Taille unique.

Créé et fabriqué fièrement au Québec.


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This mask protects against certain particles. Misuse can cause health problems or death. For information on the proper use of this product, consult the instructions for use or call 1 877 889-7277.

  • Use to protect against particles (wood, dust, pollen, food and other volatile particles).
  • Do not use to protect from gases and toxic products, vapors or contaminants.
  • Use: For optimal efficiency, use a new mask. This mask is washable and reusable. Clean it in the dishwasher or in water with mild soap. Washing or wearing the mask for an extended period of time reduces its filtering efficiency. Replace the mask if it is damaged, soiled, crushed or if breathing becomes difficult.
  • Materials used: elastomer, 78% filter media and elastic strap.
  • Warning: this mask must be used as anti-projection or face cover. The goal is to protect ourselves from the droplets emitted by others and to prevent our droplets from being projected towards others.

Recommendations and instructions

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  • It is recommended to wash the mask daily;
  • Ensure that the mask is in good condition by performing a visual inspection;
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask to prevent contamination;
  • It is recommended that you have no facial hair.

Instructions for putting on a DIV20 filter mask

  • Before touching the mask, wash your hands;
  • Take the mask in the palm of your hand, the nose part up;
  • Send the upper elastic band behind your hand (above the hand) and take the lower elastic band in the other hand;
  • Press the mask on the chin and pass the lower elastic band behind the head at the base near the neck;
  • Then press the mask on the nose and pass the upper elastic band behind the head in the center;
  • Take the two ends of the upper and lower elastic band and pull until the mask fits the shape of your face;
  • With your index fingers, apply pressure to the nose on each side to ensure the optimal seal of the mask.

Instructions for removing a DIV20 filter mask

  • Before touching the mask, wash your hands;
  • Put the palm of your hand on the front of the mask (filtering part);
  • Put one hand on the lower elastic band if there is otherwise on the upper band;
  • Remove the mask by simultaneously pulling the mask and the elastic upwards;
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds after removing the mask;

Instructions for washing the DIV20 mask

  • Remove the elastic band (s);
  • Place the mask in the upper drawer of the dishwasher;
  • Place the mask with the filter membrane upwards;
  • Remove the mask so as to respect the natural shape of the mask (do not deform it);
  • Once the cycle is finished, place on a clean surface and allow the mask to dry for a minimum of 3 hours before you can use it again;
  • The mask can also be hand washed with mild soap.

Buy in large quantities

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If you wish to purchase a large quantity of masks (for example, per pallet), please contact us by phone at 1 877 889-7277.

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