This mask protects against certain particles. Misuse can cause health problems or death. For information on the proper use of this product, consult the instructions for use or call 1 877 889-7277.

  • Use to protect against particles (wood, dust, pollen, food and other volatile particles).
  • Do not use to protect from gases and toxic products, vapors or contaminants.
  • Use: For optimal efficiency, use a new mask. This mask is washable and reusable. Clean it in the dishwasher or in water with mild soap. Washing or wearing the mask for an extended period of time reduces its filtering efficiency. Replace the mask if it is damaged, soiled, crushed or if breathing becomes difficult.
  • Materials used: elastomer, 78% filter media and elastic strap.
  • Warning: this mask must be used as anti-projection or face cover. The goal is to protect ourselves from the droplets emitted by others and to prevent our droplets from being projected towards others.
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